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Limbering up

Monday 6/6/22

Feel strong and limber. Ran 3000 stairs, walked seven miles, did 100 push-ups. Still congested and lungs are not back yet--head remains clogged--but everything else seems good.

Added on to an essay about James Joyce and Ulysses, and sent it where it needed to go. Touched up the Fourth of July op-ed on the Old Manse, which is an excellent piece, and sent that to someone.

Passing through the Public Garden, I came up with an idea for a book, and wrote some of it in my head on the rest of my walk, which included a stop at the MFA. The book is called The Year of Doing Nothing and Everything. Just like that? Yep--just like that. I'll make some further notes.

Read the Three Investigators YA novel, The Mystery of the Laughing Shadow, and am about halfway through The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy. I've read these before. I always reread them. I'm glad I got that piece on the series into You're Up, You're Down, You're Up: Essays on Art in Life and Life in Art.

Hallway flowers:

Public Garden ducklings:

Navajo blanket from 1925 at the MFA. Isn't that transfixing?


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