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Wednesday 7/21/21

As an FYI. They cant' be uploaded with Firefox, even the most updated version of Firefox, because I went with a bad host site. At some point, I will need a full-time small staff to handle these kind of problems and oversee a cleanly running site(s). The News page, though, is really the best place to go for a blow-by-blow, updated record of what is coming out. I know some sections badly need updating and filling in--I just haven't had the time for what will be a massive undertaking--but this site is really meant to be used and used hard and often. It's a pliable, shifting museum. It's not a static site. It's a living, changing repository. An art organism.

There are certain things in this life that are impossible to over-state, overrate, or over-estimate the impact of, and how far they can go. One of those things is jealousy. It's potentially boundless in both its pettiness and evil. Jealousy has no limits when it comes to destructive intention and the control it can have over someone, and people will willing sacrifice their life, their quality of life, their family, their mental state, their sanity, their bank account, their publication, in service to jealousy. And also their very humanity. Never underestimate what jealousy can do, and how total it can be. Anger is similar.

Need to get out of here to exercise. Need to contact the plumber again.

Yesterday I walked three miles, ran 1000 stairs. The Daily Beast will run an excerpt of the Sam Cooke book in September. Here's last night's Downtown interview, which covered Laurel and Hardy, Babe Ruth, Orson Welles, horror radio, and a cool animated pilot for adults that didn't get picked up as a series. This is a new feature in JazzTimes on the best recordings Scott LaFaro made apart from the Bill Evans trio. I started a new story today called "Captain Enclave," and merely by doing some of it--and someone pointing out an offhand remark I made yesterday in an email--I figured out a few other things to do, with a story that was largely already figured out to begin with. It's so inventive and hilarious and fresh and then real and beautiful. You think it's one thing, then it's another, then another, and all of it blends together. Here's the Babe Ruth essay in The Smart Set.

Pitched something on Jesse Owens. And just pitched something completely different on Jesse Owens.

Back. Little in the way of exercise. Ran a thousand stairs.

I really don't like Hemingway's writing. I think it's fake, contrived, wonder-less.

Rolling Stone is going to look at the Sam Cooke book. Spoke to someone there yesterday.

Listened to this Red Skelton episode of Suspense called "The Search for Isabel." One of the better ones.

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