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Mark Lazerus

Friday 12/29/23

This is an example of what I was talking about before with my Twitter game. Mark Lazerus. I saw that post which is below, and you don't know: Professional writer? Man cave slob?

So I clicked on the profile. Works for The Athletic.

Maybe be good at writing? Maybe be good at knowing about hockey?


Whoa, that's witty, sir. Wow. Blown away. Definitely haven't seen that thing before that I'm sure would have been super clever and not annoying the first time it was used.

Perhaps we could get a lovely "* checks notes," a "I didn't have that on my 2023 Bingo card," and the like.

What do you think, writer?

And "More like Bomber Bedard."

What are you--seven?

I went through some other things from him, because I'm always thorough.

There's no more value in what this guy does as a hockey writer than what you'd get with the aforementioned Dijon.

But here, have this job, have this platform.


What is the point of this guy doing this thing that anyone else could do at the level he does it?

Just 'cause? We're doing just 'cause? That's the standard? Just 'cause?

He may have come up on here before, but I'm not remembering exactly, because why would I?


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