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Maybe somewhat less than cheering thoughts on the Red Sox and Patriots

Tuesday 8/29/23

Chris "the bitch" Sale did his fake manly contrition act after sucking for the latest time last night. I detest this Red Sox team. It's annoying rooting for an iteration of a club you can't stand. Can this asshole just retire and go away? They're not going to cut him. That means more Chris Sale. Can we just start over? Toss out the front office, flush the manager, sell the team. They are not going to win with Chaim Bloom in charge. I'd be shocked. Though I'd be more shocked if the Patriots were good any time soon, before they start over again (and then probably again).

Speaking of the Patriots: Bailey Zappe--that was putrid the other evening. And great offensive line you assembled there, men. I'm sure that won't be an issue from the jump. You don't have a back-up quarterback and how long until the starter gets hurt behind that line? Of course, maybe the starter should have played before the season starts? I don't know. I guess that's a novel idea. But you call off a game mid-way through because you're sad someone gets hurt--so don't be in the football business then; renounce it; move on--then you cancel joint practices, you don't play your starting QB, and the line can't block anyone. How seriously is this being taken?

Why is the line all of a sudden going to be able to block people? What is the rationale there? You have no playmakers on offense. You don't have any on defense, for the most part, unless you want to count a guy in Matthew Judon who disappears come every December. Maybe he's Santa Claus and he has to bear down elsewhere. You have a coach who's obviously checked out, an OC who hopes he doesn't have to be here for more than a year because he wants to be a HC, and the coach in waiting is a defensive guy in a league where your head coach has to be an offensive guy, because defense is more or less irrelevant.

Sounds like a fun continuation of the stretch that began when Mr. Brady left, aka, The Band-Aid Man, because he covered up a lot of cracks by the end and they're all showing now.

What happens if the Patriots start 2-7? 3-9? You just keep doing this? Belichick stays through the year? Let's say Jones gets hurt. I think Jones is a borderline nothing of a player. Certainly not a difference-making NFL quarterback. It's far, far, far easier than ever to play that position. So even if you're not that good, if you're not terrible, you can be okay. Doesn't take much. What does take much is being that guy who gets the ball back at his 25-yard line with :37 to go in the game and inevitably gets his team in field goal position to win it by 1, or the guy who is down 10 with eight minutes to go who brings you to victory.

Jones isn't that guy and he never will be. He will probably get hurt, and then it's Zappe time? That guy has no internal clock and it's almost a given that he will put the ball on the ground at some point in a game. Then Belichick has an excuse that he didn't have his quarterback. And people love an excuse almost more than they love anything in life.

It can also be irksome finding an image to accompany these entries, and rather than slap up some token photo of current-day Patriots camp or CtbS at his postgame press conference-- and the NFL blocks you from posting video of their content--here's a vintage Nerf football commercial, rah rah rah. That looks like a fun game.


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