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Me, Abby, and a third

Sunday 10/23/22

People now are almost all toxic, passive aggressive, and generally out of their minds. That's just how it is. If I deal with people during a day--that is, if I don't only write and run stairs--and I go into the email, for instance, where it's even worse, because that's publishing, it's just one wretched individual after another. People say, "If you have a problem with everyone, the problem is you!" Or, you're one of the few sane, decent people left. Because what's this? I could put up fifty things like this each day. Here's an exchange from this afternoon with a crazy woman on a dating site. Again, she could be the next fifty women in a row. There's no let-up. No relief. No breaks. It's constant. It's not a dating site thing. It's how people are. They are sick. She wrote me. I didn't write her. She just decided to do this.

Crazy woman: lol any chance you're the same Colin that Abby is seeing? same location and you fit the artsy vibe

C: That was rather objectifying, but nope.

CW: oof sensitive much

C: What's wrong with you? You're an adult, so you send another adult a note leading with an acronym. You lump them into a category, accuse them of something, like you're this master sleuth and not the perpetually bored, passive aggressive, embittered person you are. You receive a response, and then send further childish nonsense? Grow up.

There it is. Over and over and over again. Insanity. Broken people. People hateful of the rare person who is not broken and hateful. A person whose problem with me is that I wasn't totally cool with being accused of something. What I'm sure she did was then report me. Because that's what they do. If you do not play along with these sick people, and totally defer to them, and let them do whatever they wish to you, say whatever they want, insult you however you want, they say that they were verbally abused, by a big bad white man. Then you get banned. That is how this works.

I almost said, "You've caught me. Ferreted me out. Brilliantly. I just banged Abby, actually. Banged her hard. Whoo. That was some banging. My cock remains swollen. Nonetheless, I thought I'd reach out and try and find other people to bang, when I saw you. We were talking about banging you together. Abby really wants this threesome to happen. Regularly. And we want to film it. Every time. You in, Sherlock?"

Honestly. I give everything I have to this world, but it's very hard not to hate it, or, to hate it and keep giving from a place of concern and love.


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