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Mentor and mentee doing slam poems

Friday 11/15/19

C: Bottom line/lesson: Many people are toxic. They will say things about you that are the opposite of the truth. Steer clear of such people and don't take for granted the good people in your life. Like I would never take you for granted!

E: What she said to you was cruel.

C: It was more stupid than anything. Projection. And it's almost funny, given how divorced from reality it was. But you're right, it was meant to hurt me.

C: What I'm saying to you is if I call attention to something, it's because something isn't right. It's never to try and hurt you. I would never try and hurt you and I would always try to protect you from people who did.

E: I'm kind of fucked

E: 1) I need to make a slam poem

E: 2) I've been doing my VA homework partially

E: 3) I threw a water bottle at my friend harry and now I have a C in Arabic for misconduct

C: You'll find a way to do the slam poem and still make it good. I can help you if you want. Why did you throw the water bottle?

E: Because he was annoying me

E: And I felt like it

C: Maybe throw less things because you feel like it?

C: And I'm sure you can improve the conduct grade.

E: I had a bad day and every time I spoke out of turn my physics teacher would scold me but she didn't do that to anybody else

E: I finished the packet before everybody

E: Nobody actually finished it

C: Things are sometimes unfair

C: Don't let it dwell in your mind over something like this

C: Re: the slam poem...remember "Unity," the short story where each sentence is a word? That was kind of like a slam poem

E: It's supposed to be about racism

C: Of course it is

E: How the fuck am I supposed to write about racism without sounding like a cry baby

E: "are you trying to be a minority"

C: Do it about an artist

C: Like John Coltrane

C: Or Hendrix

E: Hendrix sounds cool

E: But I don't really know how to execute this

C: We can talk about it. It's easy

C: Do a poem about listening to Hendrix and hearing how he felt in his guitar

C: Like with Machine Gun or Red House

C: The anger and the beauty

C: The insistence to be heard

C: The words beyond the words

C: See? We doing it!

E: I get it

C: Bolts from skies

C: Words rivers like sound

C: Too proud to cry

C: Uncork the lightning

C: Take your fear eat your frightening

C: What I hear when I listen is you touch me

C: You almost too much for me

C: And now I'm changed

C: You're the changeling

C: I change in you

E: I'm overwhelmed

C: See? You can do it, too.

C: Think about beat, rhythm

E: Question

C: Sup

E: What do you think about the beginning of machine gun

E: The riff

C: The brutal beauty of truth

C: Snaky blues, futuristic chicken scratch fusillade of the now, percussion strings, the slinking advance of the beast

C: The sound of the center failing to hold

E: Woah

C: The last bit references Yeats

C: There are ways to satisfy requirements and go exponentially beyond them without pandering or having to deliver tripe. Find those ways. You can do that--you're creative.


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