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Morning letter

Wednesday 7/6/22


I read the "Guns, publishing, graves" post on the blog. The blog is savage and beautiful fire lately. "Fitty" needs to come out now. This world needs it. This country needs it. And even with what you say about the story in that post, you are still underselling it. It's that good. Your words set a bar for people's expectations about the quality of that story. When they do read it, they are going to soar past that bar. I read "So Ugly" to Rachel last night. You know how hard it has been for her at school and summer is not easier. It's been a long time since I read her a story, but because it was you and she is so fond of you she said okay. She cried at the end and so did I. It helped both of us. I left the story on her nightstand, and when I went in to say goodnight later, she was reading it again. Please win. A lot of people need you to. I love you, my old friend.


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