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Monday 8/23/21

Woke up and composed a new short story before dawn. People who say it's darkest before the dawn are talking out of their asses and don't get up early and work that hard. As someone up every day before dawn, I can attest that it's not darkest at that point. I also watched 1957's The Monolith Monsters. Wrote an entry on here and put it up, then ran 5000 stairs. Came back, and wrote a book review. Then went back out and ran another 5000 stairs. I also ran 5000 stairs yesterday, and those I did without stopping a single time, and I was not even a little bit out of breath. So even considering where I was, I've gone well beyond that. Yesterday I also worked on that other short story, yet again, making a new Word document, tossing the last version in a folder. It's highly unusual for me to work on a story in this manner. What a major piece of work this is. Then I'll send it to some envious bigots who will do what they do because they are envious bigots.

Yesterday marked 1883 days, or 269 weeks, without a drink.

I saw that ex-Bruin and BC Eagle Jimmy Hayes died. He was only thirty-one. A reminder of one's mortality, and to make the most of days. I feel like I do this, in the extreme. But it's a reminder to me, too, to take care of myself, do the little things that add up, because it's imperative that I have my health and length of life, given what I want, given how bad everything has been to date. As I understand it, his wife was posting on Instagram shortly after midnight last night, from their home in Milton, showing photos of the family at an arcade from Sunday, celebrating the birthday of one of their children. Then, police were called to the home, and he couldn't be revived, or was pronounced dead--I'm not sure the exact language. How does something like that happen? What could that even be with a fit, thirty-one-year-old man, who was just out and about with his family? Heart attack? That doesn't make a lot of sense. An accident in the home? What's an accident in the home? Falling down the stairs? That doesn't make much sense either. I believe his brother had an issue once with a blood clot. Usually something like this has some dark explanation (suicide, drugs), but not when you're just out with your kids mere hours before.

Anyway. Will shower now and go to the cafe to work and listen to Sonny Rollins.

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