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Thursday 7/25/19

One thing to be positive about grateful for: Right now I can solely devote myself to getting out of this hell and getting to where I am going. This is a huge thing. I could not do all that I do and need to do, and the things I need to add to what I do (somehow), if I was coming home to this death trap from another gig. I'd be a completely different artist, so much of what I have composed wouldn't exist, and if I acquire the future I am fighting for, a future of mine which I believe will also bring so much to the world, that would have been something that could not have happened if I was split more ways and this couldn't have been my entire focus. So note that. That's a big deal.

I just sent a pitch to Teen Vogue. Have never written them before, but had an excellent jazz idea for the teen set, and I know exactly the tone and way to do the piece. Sent an essay about King's Quest and writing to The Believer. Pitched a Sunday album review idea on Sam Cooke's album of Billie Holiday covers to Pitchfork.

I walked three miles, climbed the Monument five more times. For whatever reason, my face has broken out. Noticed this yesterday.

I am reading Ray Russell's "Sardonicus" and watching Don't Look Now (1973). Tomorrow I will finally finish my Joan Harrison essay and make a good push on an essay about Night of the Living Dead and the difference between horror and terror. Then I'll work all weekend. But first, if I do a good, diligent job, I will go to a screening of Rio Bravo tomorrow night at the Harvard Film Archive. I don't like that theatre. No warmth or feeling to it. Unlike the Brattle. The Brattle is the movie house version of Fenway. Historic, but warm, nook-y, alive, comforting. Rio Bravo is one of my very favorite all-time films, conceivably top five. I've never seen it on the big screen, let alone on 35mm.

What is highly unusual about "Staycation" is that for the second story in a row, I have a work of art that ties directly into this age, into the news cycle, as it also transcends the age. But again, it's another story to trend, explode, become part of a national dialogue. You don't have a lot of stories like this. Then I thought, well, you, Colin, could. You could do it all the time, because you can write a story about anything you want, and inhabit it and own it. But it's just worked out that way with "Fitty" and now this one. These are national discourse stories, stories to boost your brand, stories to trend, be debated, shared, business model stories, career changers, visibility boosters, for both artist and venue. They reveal things people do not see about things people care about and things reported on as the leading news story. They give completely new perspectives. While being art. They open up so much dialogue and debate. Having been read, they impel sharing. They are the type of stories that can blow up.

These Hallmark Christmas movies are pretty bad, but I will watch them all. Even now in July. I love Christmas so much.

Got no fat milk for my blood pressure. Forgot to get lemons again to generally purge and cleanse. I don't drink enough water. Nor am I drinking enough hibiscus tea of late. Also for my heart. I will hydrate like a fiend now.

Post-climbing photo. Sweaty and shorn. 15,000 stairs in four days. That's a light gray T-shirt under normal circumstances.


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