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Monday 5/20/24

On Saturday I ran 130 circuits of stairs at the Connecticut gate in Charlestown, as well as three circuits inside the Monument itself, and did 500 push-ups and walked nine miles.

Yesterday I was out early in the rain, which was more like this swirling mist with water droplets you could see. They went in this direction and then that that one, like all of these circular, shifting currents. By the time I got to Charlestown I had been out there a while and was that kind of wet where none of the skin under your clothes is dry.

I only ran fifty circuits on the Connecticut gate stairs, but that's fine. Also did another 500 push-ups and walked twelve miles. A lot of push-ups on very wet grass over the weekend. I have not the slightest ache anywhere. After running the Monument stairs on Saturday I did a rare thing after all of that exercise and just lay down on the grass back outside on my side. (It had kind of been a lot.) The finished position, as it were. I find now that when I move--even just to turn over--I'm doing so like I did as a child, with ease.

I'm still phlegm-clogged but you can't just sit back, and as I told my sister, it's one thing to be sick, another to be a bitch, complete with helpful suggestion to "teach the children!"

Yesterday marked 2870 days, or 410 weeks, without a drink.

Got red peppers and strawberries at Haymarket. Bright foods are the way to go.

Below is a picture of a ladybug that was underfoot on those Connecticut gate stairs which I stopped to pick up and move to the grass so that it would not be stomped. As I tossed the ladybug, it opened its wings in mid-air and flew off.


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