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My bad

Sunday 8/18/19

E: Hi you didn't answer my question and I asked you three times. Have you eaten?

E: When I get back to Boston I'll force feed you

E: No more peppermints and coffee all day.

E: And cucumbers you f-

E: I won't say it.

E: Because I'm trying to keep composed

C: Okay bud

E: Colin don't respond with okay bud I asked you a question four times now

C: You're right, I'm sorry. Things have been bad and I have barely been hanging in and they will get worse. I didn't want to lie to you before as per our rule with each other and I've been working harder than ever and must work 10x harder which will also make things worse. But yes, I have eaten now, and I apologize for not answering before. You're right to expect someone to answer you, and especially me of all people.

E: Don't feel sorry. I understand not wanting to answer. I wouldn't get disappointed if you said no. I'd just be on you about it until you ate. I know you're having a hard time right now but I think it's still a priority to take care of yourself. When I get back to Boston I will cook for you and cheer you up more.

E: I wish I was there for you. I'd run down and give you a big hug.

C: Thanks, Emma. I love you very much.


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