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My bad

Saturday 4/13/24

My prediction was a poor one! Bad prognosticating, C-Dawg. Oh well. It's 2-0 Denver after two. BC has nothing going on. I became less sanguine when I saw that interview with Gauthier coming into the rink and he said that they were going to make Denver cry because they lost. What are you doing, man? Why would you say this? That's the attitude? I heard that and I thought, "Uh oh. This is how you get beat."

What else? I'm doing more push-ups in the hall. I've been trying to help someone out with MS, and haven't gone into it on here, but tonight they wrote me something totally obnoxious, taking some shot at me about when I used to drink, which they knew nothing about, saying something like, "I figured those super dark circles under your eyes were because you were a massive drinker."

First of all, there were no dark circles. I'm very honest about everything and I certainly wouldn't lie or try to shield myself. But what was worse about this was I hadn't even seen this person but once in many years, and that was when I helped them move and that was years into my alcohol-free streak, and when I was running my stairs. I've looked how I look going back to 2016. A person wouldn't be able to tell a difference with a photo from then and a photo from now. In other words, this was a case of someone trying to use information they've only recently come by to retroactively and falsely apply it to someone in an attempt to get a dig in. I always know what someone is up to, and I have full awareness of who I am, so that's not where my aggravation stems from; it's that it depresses the hell of me that people have to be so terrible, all the more so when it's someone helping them out. For envy, for their discontentment with themselves, etc. That's what gets me down. That people are like that. And that it's so often how kindness is repaid.

BC kid just failed to put it in a yawning cage. They missed an open net earlier and I think the goalie got a piece of that one. I think they were overconfident and bought into themselves too much. BU got caught up in the officiating, BC looks to have gotten caught up in themselves, and Denver has played a fine game--a polished, disciplined game with a well-executed strategy. I like their D.

Anyway. My bad on the prediction. Back to push-ups in front of my hallway sunflowers.


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