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New week: Let's get started

Saturday 4/13/24

Just after midnight. The new week begins. Let's work.

Why do weeks start for me on Saturday? I'm alone, I'm in a war, and what am I going to do? Contentedly motor along a craggy shore with some loved one and stop off at forest preserves for hikes in my peaceful and contented life? That's not right now. Getting out of this thing that is worse than hell is what's right now. Also, if I falter in starting my week on a Saturday, there is Sunday, which is another start of a week. So, in a way, I create an extra day to life, if you look at it as I do.

Have been listening to radio adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft's stories and doing push-ups in the hall. My membership to the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester lapsed back in October and I renewed it this morning as I intend to start making trips to Cape Ann again. The Year of Doing Nothing and Everything is set there and I have to get back to it. It will be good to spend time in the Fitz Henry Lane gallery and to walk out to Hammond Castle.

It's fully on now with the Red Sox--the season-long disaster and embarrassment. They managed to get trounced in extra innings a couple nights ago--not easy to get trounced in extras--and then were blanked 7-0 last night by the Angels. They'll finish in last place by a distance. They're hapless. Ownership checked out long ago, the club's entitled, full-of-himself manager resents being there. I'd say it could get ugly, but sports things tend to resonate as less ugly when nobody cares.

I went to Haymarket yesterday. Acquired peppers, blackberries, and bananas. No stairs after all, just 100 push-ups. I'll do better.

BU's Macklin Celebrini won the Hobey Baker award as best college hockey player for the 2023-24 season. I'm not not usually wrong about these things, but I was wrong about this. I thought Cutter Gauthier would take it easily. Celebrini is a great player, but he had no business winning the award. Gauthier is not only the better player right now, he's the better three-zone player, the better offensive player, the better goal-scorer, the better playmaker, he was the best and most valuable player on the team that was the easy-pick number one squad in the country for most of the season, and a team that beat BU repeatedly, and he scored the most goals in Division I hockey since, I believe, 2006. BC's celebrated all-freshman line was facilitated in being what it was by being able to put Gauthier on the "second" line. This should have been a unanimous vote in his favor. Celebrini won on hype, the novelty of him being seventeen, and what you've only been told four million times, that he's going to be the overall number one draft pick in the NHL at the end of June.


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