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No purloining

Sunday 5/19/19

This is pretty typical. I had a piece come out today. It was about a 1939 novel that became a 1945 film. I get a friend request on Facebook. Guy who went to Harvard. Guy who gets hooked up at GQ. I'm not active on FB, but if you send me a friend request, I'll eventually see it. I'll grant most of them, if you're not up to no good. Like I said, I'm not on there anymore. I checked out this guy's page. His most recent post is a quote from my piece, which was a quote from the novel--a line a character spoke about abortion. This guy, who has likely never heard of the film, and who I guarantee you has never read nor heard of the book, acts like this is something he knows, and now he is enlightening his "friends," so they can all sing his praises. This guy doesn't say, "Fine piece by Colin Fleming" and lead into it that way, or link to my piece, because they want to make it look like they knew this--and we are not cronies--not attributing me, so they can score social justice woke points and lie about knowing something they had no clue about. Then they have the arrogance, the entitlement, to send me the friend request. Probably so they can steal more things from me. Yeah. Don't steal from people. You're allowed to be smart, too, and actually know things.


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