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Non-Zula v. Zulu

Sunday 6/20/21

There is much to put up on here, but I'll do it later in some other entry or entries. I want a few hours of not formally writing.

Walked fifteen miles today, ran the Corey Hill stairs just three times.

On this day in 1980, the Red Sox got destroyed 20-2 by a not very good California Angels team. They were actually losing 20-0 going into the bottom of the ninth. Frank Tanana was pitching for the Angels during that period when he was trying--most unsuccessfully at this juncture--to reinvent himself as a junkballer after blowing out his arm. My man Fisk was not behind the plate--don't blame Fisk! Gary Allenson was catching. Though Fisk's brother-in-law, Rick Miller, did homer for the Angels.

Shouldn't have been that fatigued today. Fifteen miles really isn't very much. Hard to gauge where I'm at without the Monument.

Anyway, I'll just put these up. The first photo is from eight years ago today.

This second photo is from this afternoon, in the infamous Boston Ballet shirt. To give one an idea about the visual difference between drinking a lot and not drinking at all.

Non-Zulu v. Zulu, really.


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