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Saturday 1/22/22

I see that the M&Ms characters--are they characters?--have been redesigned for a more dynamic, progressive world, or some such rot.

Does anyone really believe the world is more progressive now? It's obviously more close-minded than ever. It hates and fears individuality. It hates critical thinking. It hates sanity. It's Gestapo-like forced coercion. No one believes any of the things they feel like they have to pretend to believe. The world is less tolerant now than ever before. It hates expertise. It hates acumen. It hates talent. God knows it hates genius.

What does it like? Mediocrity. Lip service. Denying reality. Machinations and manipulation over substance and actuality. It hates productivity. Range of knowledge. There's no tolerance. There's go along to get along, no matter if you're correct and have to pretend otherwise, or suffer the consequences. Inclusive. What a joke. I don't see how anyone could think that. How many people out there are ever even honest, if what they think or feel runs contrary to what they believe they're expected to think or feel, no matter how outlandish or wrong that is? Why are we so disconnected? Why are we more depressed than ever? Why do more people than ever have closet substance abuse problems? Why are there no great works of art? Why can nobody write well? Why does everyone say the exact same things the same mindless ways if we're so inclusive and progressive? Then shouldn't we see more personality and range of personality and modes of expression than ever before?

We are a society of liars. We are ruled by fear. The mob is the end all be all. Or I should say, fear of the mob. People know they are not smart or strong enough to combat a mob. They just don't want problems. And then there are other people who are delusional, who are now encouraged in those delusions. They don't have real friends to help check the delusional flow, because true friendship is mostly dead. They are playing a part in an empty life that is not even their own life, really.

This is progress? But now the M&Ms are on board. That's super. I have consumed, off and on, M&Ms for my whole life. I had no idea they were these little characters. Imagine doing that with your life? Having to police these things? To pitch this idea? Then there are people in publishing who write about it. Living the dream, right? Then again, it's water finding its own level. Bilge water, but water, I guess.

People can't even speak honestly to each other, unless it's one mediocre person talking to another. Because in that case, that person is just lying. They're saying whatever. It's not about meaning what they say. That's easier. We're a culture of empty compliments that no one means. But we're comfortable talking that way. We cannot talk about anything that is special, that is amazing, person-to-person, because that makes us uncomfortable. That's too much vulnerability. People are scared of having to say what they actually mean. Which is something they never do.


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