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Observations: Laboring dog, thought-provoking T-shirt, South Station tableau, and the battle for most disgusting restroom in the greater Boston area

Sunday 5/19/24

I saw the puggle who lives in the building on Friday. I was at the top of the stairs and he was at the bottom. Whenever this happens, I step back and allow the person or people coming up--it's a narrow stair--to pass before I descend. This dog could barely get up the stairs he was so large. I think he's five-years-old. It was sad. Dog owners are responsible for the health of their pet. There's no excuse to making the animal unhealthy. You shouldn't be a dog owner then.

This morning I saw an out-of-shape woman wearing a T-shirt that read, "Hot girls eat breakfast." The person wearing a shirt like this wants you to think something. That's why they're wearing it. Is someone supposed to think something good here? I think that's a fair question. What is someone supposed to think? Should they think, "You go girl!" You've called yourself hot. Is that supposed to be cute and clever? Doesn't seem cute or clever. Presumably you're not doing irony and putting yourself down. You're making this, what, "fun" boast that's also in service, theoretically, to wellness? And someone who sees it is also seeing you. Are you evidence of what happens with a healthy lifestyle choice like eating breakfast?

Incidentally, I have not had breakfast in a dozen years. I take no food during the day. I believe it makes one complacent and it is better for the wolf to be hungry. But that's me. I get that. That's my thing. I'm not advocating for it or suggesting it's the way to go for anyone else.

I stopped at South Station this morning to use the restroom. Nothing good is happening at South Station on a Sunday morning. There was a woman just inside the door repeatedly screaming, "My domain!" So that didn't seem very good. Not far off from her in front of the CVS was a guy making a video for his YouTube channel and saying that he was coming to you "Live from South Station to show you just how racist every single white person is." Also not so good, despite probably making for amazing viewing and lots of astute and reasonable points from a person who no doubt isn't racist in the slightest and is also a dynamic speaker with an important message. And then in the men's room was a man with his shirt off, sitting on the sink, eating peaches from out of a tin with a spork. Talk about relatable, right? Who hasn't felt a need to strip to the waist, pull out a hybrid utensil, and tuck into some fruit in a bathroom where people wash their hands?

The only restroom that might be more disgusting--it's close--in the greater Boston area is the one near the MBTA ticket line at the Boston Garden. (There was an unholy bathroom trinity in the city before the closure of the Beacon Hill Pub.) If you're going to eat in that South Station men's room, you might as well wash down your meal with a glass of water from the Charles River. Both of these restrooms are so gross that it's much hotter inside of them than it is right outside of them, like all of the bacteria and nastiness have somehow managed to heat up the air. I have no other theory on how this is scientifically possible, especially with the South Station men's room because it doesn't even have an outer door. You just kind of end up in it.


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