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Odds taking

Saturday 1/30/21

* Completed my first film book. I have to fix it, but it's in manuscript. Wrote it in thirteen days.

* Ordered my blood pressure and stress staples--hibiscus tea, peppermint tea, Fisherman's Friend lozenges.

* Picked up some provisions at the store. There was nothing to eat here in the sty. I am that person one sees walking around in ten degree weather in shorts. Why do I do this? It keeps me strong and makes me use my mind to keep my body from weakening. All forms of strength are paramount to my quest.

* I listened to a terrible BBC Sounds radio drama fictionalizing the making of Orson Welles's Voodoo Macbeth. I could have written a better radio script when I was seventeen. Inept. The acting was awful as well. Also listened to Franz Ferdinand's second album.

* I think I'll watch some BC women's hockey on NESN, then the Bruins game. I'm pretty tired.

* Listening to Junior Wells' Hoodoo Man Blues, the Yardbirds live in France in '66, Otis Rush's Cobra sides (damn--that solo in "All Your Love.") Watching some composite of South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Jean Epstein's 1928 The Fall of the House of Usher.

* Bloomsbury wants a list of who I'd like to thank for Sam Cooke. I think I'll thank Aaron Cohen. I'll put in some other names as well. Will definitely give a shout out to my man Howard Merritt.

* Have some people who will be making memorable debuts on here soon. Finalizing what I like to call the bang to rights notes. Thorough. You don't eviscerate half a carcass.

* Came up with some op-ed ideas and a couple arts things to pitch The Wall Street Journal.

* Dylan's 1974 shows would make an excellent Bootleg Series entry. Also, the Supper Club gigs, and a round-up of European shows from spring 1995.


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