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Tuesday 3/29/22

Sadly, I was going to refer to this entry as things one wishes to avoid lest one be a pussy, but people don't like to be called a pussy, so care must be taken not to do so, or, to at least issue a disclaimer that maybe we need not take that which would otherwise affront us all that seriously as a pointed criticism; that it might not be a hard and fast rule, but in the nature of a joke, although a joke containing truth.

But I was thinking about things that I consider...well...pussy-ish, and a list assembled itself in my mind. This is what occurred to me as things that are for pussies, but again, one must not declare, "He means me! I hate him!" because if the skin is that thin, how can one realistically expect to do well in life, by any definition of doing well?

So, I shall call this the p-list, which strikes me as a workable compromise. And on that list, one will find:

* Empty net goals

* Long lists and short lists for awards

* Escalators

* Running out of bounds

* Umbrellas

* Honorable mentions

* Abridgments

* First drafts

* Life coaches

* Flat ground

* Excuses

* Conference championships

* Indoor scarves

A gentle reminder: it's never too late to change and cross something off of your p-list! Strength is just around the corner, as they say. Well, they don't say. But I've said it for all of us.

Ironically, the most controversial item here is perhaps the umbrella. I don't like the message one sends to one's self when using an umbrella. It is but water. Better to mix with the elements, to give no quarter to mere rain, or signify to the sky that it wields undue influence--or any--within one's day. Sends a better message to yourself. And there's something to be said for being wet. Or having no problem with being wet. It's just falling water. What are you? Exactly.

It should be stated that I am talking in situations that assume health. If you're 104, and just blew out a knee, but are still active, sure, the escalator is your better choice until you've recovered and are back to yourself. I am not slamming you. Everyone else: take the damn stairs. You don't think those thousands and thousands and thousands of stairs you didn't walk up in life wouldn't have meant something? Of course they would have! Stairs are there for you to take them. It's like a metaphor for growth and day-seizing. They're not there so they can be all, "Look how we rise on a diagonal plane!" No. They're there to be taken. So don't be a, well, you know.


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