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Wednesday 9/11/19

Today I watched The Story Hansel and Gretel (1951) which was overseen by Ray Harryhausen. My dad took me to it when I was a kid. There must have been a revival I had seen an ad for and asked him if we could go. Things are, obviously, very hard right now. But they would be harder yet--I don't know if I'd have a puncher's chance--without the support my parents gave me. They always encouraged me. They never suggested that I should not be interested in something or devote my time to it. I think that probably has something to do with why I can do so much right now. I feel like doing this takes all of the help I've ever had. Obviously a lot more than that as well, but the help over the years is a factor.

I feel a little sick. I read the entirety of John Lennon's 1970 interview with Jann Wenner. Listened to Sam Cooke, also for work.


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