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Penetrating stuff right there

Saturday 12/9/23

Here is the summary of a piece by Mike Giardi, a Boston sports writer, in his own words. He's talking, of course, about Bill Belichick.

Ultimately, Robert Kraft will have to decide if he wants to continue with a soon-to-be-72-year-old coach and his way of doing business because, let's face it, it's unlikely Bill's (sic) will fundamentally change who he is and how he operates.

You think?

Giardi is a bad writer, and a rude, confrontational person. He overcompensates for a lack of ability and anything of substance to say with aggressive surliness.

Why even write lines like these? This is the basis of your piece which you're trying to get people to click on by posting the above on Twitter? This is what you got?

What is more obvious than this statement? This thesis, as such? It's so obvious that there is no need to write it.

There's no need to write just about anything that anyone writes.

What is the point? Where is the value? What are you adding to anyone's life? Be it as art, entertainment, insight, knowledge, humor, perspective-wise, whatever it may be.

You have to ask yourself these most fundamental questions no matter what you are writing. And if you don't have good, viable answers to those questions, then there is no reason to write that piece, that story, that book, that op-ed, whatever it may be, because you aren't doing it for readers, which is the point. You're doing it for other reasons, and they have nothing to do with producing work of value.

Someone who writes who does not produce work of value is not a writer. Not really--they're doing something else. A real writer provides readers with works of value.

There is no one in the world right now who is even a mediocre writer when it comes to the subject of sports. No one who provides actual value in their writing and who couldn't easily be replaced by a million other people.


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