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People are insane

Tuesday 6/21/22

What can you even say?

Mr. Flemming I read your article in the Daily Beast about Buster Keaton. I too marveled at Buster Keaton's feats on film in the 20s. To sight the General is in extremly poor tast as a father of 2 black children. Not only does the Racist traitor Confederates look good but the whole story is Revisionist racial hatred history.. Buster is cited as saying he seen Birth of the Nation 3 times in New York. I don't know your political views...but citing Busters great work as a lying account of history and a farce of a real hero sickens me. Please revise your article....Do you live in the time of Proud Boys and George Floyd? Ric Bianchi Chicago

Anyway. One should definitely watch The General. It's a masterpiece and, of course, none of the above things, near as one can decipher them.

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