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Power shut off

Friday 3/15/24

Came back from running stairs yesterday to find two Eversource employees outside my door hanging a sign on the knob that said the power was being shut off. I just kept going up the stairs like I didn't live there with a look to them of, "Wouldn't want to be that poor bastard," which, at least, is true enough. I wasn't going to deal with whatever this was about--better to be ready.

Came back down once they were gone, checked my account online, and sure enough, there was every bill paid on time. I had the auto-pay set up.

Figured they must have had the wrong apartment, but given all of the incompetence I deal with on a daily basis--and my ongoing nightmare, thanks to The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones--with no less than two branches of the government, I thought I should look into this just in case.

So I call, and I learn that, yes, the power was going to be shut off. Someone crossed up the meters in the basement. I had to get a whole new account and make sure I shut off rebills on the last one, because I'm sure Eversource wasn't going to do that and I would have been billed for two accounts.

This is how it usually goes. Through no fault of my own, and having done everything correctly, here was a problem.

Can anyone out there do their job? Can anyone act like a reasonable person? How many sane people are even left? But I digress. Just another problem--one of many, and there will be more than ever, as I stop putting off things I've avoided for far too long (which means one publishing-related post after another on here in following)--to deal with in a day full of problems, as every day is.

Ran 3000 stairs yesterday, did 200 push-ups, walked six miles.

I'm now in day four of my new dietary approach. My energy has been better. My production has not been great, and it has to be--more so than ever--but I'm primed for that to be the case. Later today I'll pick up the night guard at the dentist in West Medford, and hopefully that helps with the headaches and the sleeping.

So that's where things are as I work here at two in the morning on this Friday. I'll turn my attention to "Why I Hate My Friends" and "Friendship Bracelet" now, and get back to burying corrupt, incompetent, discriminatory publishing people on here shortly. I bury you, I dig you up, I bury you, I dig you up, I expose you for what you are for all to see. More than fair warning has been given. The only choices are what I just described or making it right.


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