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Monday 10/25/21

The black racer is the most beautiful snake we have here in Massachusetts. It's also the fastest, which one would expect with its name.

The black racer is territorial, but it also covers a lot of ground each day.

The animal is not quick to bite--in fact, it's won't until it absolutely has to, when the situation cannot be avoided.

The black racer is not venomous, but its bite is exceedingly painful. Having been bitten by a black racer, one will bleed quickly and profusely; early literature on the subject cites a "stuck pig."

The black racer is a constrictor, but it is unique among constrictors in that it does not suffocate its prey by wrapping said pray within the coils of its body. Rather, the black racer kills its prey by literally crushing it into the ground.

Sold two essays today--both on film. Wrote that baseball op-ed. Started a Beatles op-ed, with the rest of it already being composed in my head.

Total focus. Matchless art. No mercy when we get there. Because we are getting there.

Beautiful animal, the racer.

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