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Racification, being an actual good person, discrimination, and the threat of the raised game

Thursday 7/15/21

The media tries to racify everything, because that is how clicks are gotten. The media sells out to race. Not all of the media, necessarily. But if you don't want to say most of it, you do have to say enough of it. All of the eggs go into the race basket. The interest is in advancing a narrative that racism is rampant. When there is a society in which people do not think for themselves, and critical thinking scarcely exists, people accept what is in the water, so to speak, and that is absorbed into who they are. Being a good person is often hard. It takes effort, and not only is there typically little reward, there is a degree of truth to the old saying, "no good deed goes unpunished."

Attention is not generated by being an actual good person. And because people do not think for themselves and lack the ability and/or willingness to think critically, attention becomes paramount. Attention drives self-esteem, and the sense of self. Such as it is. It is a hollow self, and it feeds on hollow victory points. That is its diet. And it cannot go out and attain--paradoxically, by reaching and discovering within--anything more substantive.

This is why people are also so fragile and weak, why the very small thing always becomes the massive thing and, to use a metaphor, they think they are attacked by an army of flying dragons when a butterfly nips past their ear.

The tiny portion of criticism becomes a nuclear attack and cues the meltdown. Inspires someone to round up the mob. End the business relationship. Destroy the personal relationship. Ban the all-timer of an artist. Even someone who can change the world. Social media thus becomes a drug that satisfies that need. By shouting down the racism the media in need of clicks pushes with no concern for the truth--hardly anyone in the world is truly concerned with truth; they are concerned with their own ends, and their own appearance; how they are perceived--one is able to claim good person status while doing nothing, exerting no effort, time, thought, and getting the credit and attention.

The most discriminated against person in the country is an athletic-looking white male genius in Boston.

What people discriminate against the most is intelligence, knowledge, productivity, hard work, strength, individuality, expertise, range of abilities, the capacity to endure and always become stronger, hard-earned growth, and undeniable, legitimate, talent.

The more those things are in evidence, the greater the degree of discrimination. The greater the fear, the envy, the resentment. Subsequently, the more that person is shut out, and denied the opportunities that are given to others who have none of their good qualities, and no superlative qualities at all. Standing next to such a person, working alongside such a person, following such a person on Twitter, is low stress, low key, because one never thinks that they should raise their own game, work harder, or that here is someone on a different level than they are.

The different level--and certainly the level of actual greatness--is perceived as a threat, and also a challenge. (Which it doesn't have to be. It could simply be appreciated and celebrated. But we are rarely able to do that now. We view just about everything that is unlike us as a threat to us, because so few people are secure enough in who they are to say, "You are that, and I am this, and that is fine.") To raise one's own game. People don't like that. They want to coast in every facet of their existence. Which everything I'm talking about is geared towards facilitating. People always want to do less, and be less, for more credit. That is the driver of our our post-human, post-individual, post-merit market and world.

In order for this to happen, they must be surrounded by people, and support people, buy the products of people, buy the work of people, consume the work of people, who act the same way and are the same way, and a culture must be built entirely upon lies. The work is not bought because it will be loved, is loved, will add anything to a life. It's purchased because it is not actually anything, and that is the comfort. Because all is lies, any label can be appended to that work. And need never have any basis in reality, because reality, as something to be sized up and processed, is largely done. This is the post-reality world.

What is rewarded is sloth, mediocrity, cronyism, nepotism, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, avarice, cowardice, denial, self-ascribed victim status, lack of character/integrity, lying, pandering, lack of legitimacy, lack of talent, lack of actual life experience for fear of possible failure and rejection, enabling, already-in-place financial means.

What a good chunk of the media is doing, is promoting actual racism in society, and helping to turn people who never gave a thought about race into racists themselves.

Because it takes a rare person, as things have gone, not to see everything through race, which is how the actual racist sees the world, ironically. People are secondary, if that. Character and ability do not even get to place. They are not a part of this particular road race.


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