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Friday 7/8/22

* Let's wrap things up here for the week, get ready to create and fight next week.

* This morning I wrote an entire 3000 word feature on Thelonious Monk from scratch. Was done by half past eight. Filed it with JazzTimes.

* Worked yesterday on one of the novels, The Year of Doing Nothing and Everything.

* Please focus on getting the Billie Holiday outline done (seriously, enough; get it done), working on Same Band, working on Longer on the Inside, completing "Caves and Waterfalls," Carlyle," and "Up the Sea," going through Glue God again, and getting the people up on here that need to be up on here in the Everything Wrong with Publishing series, including the holdovers from this week.

* Among other things.

* Do novel work.

* Work on the site.

* More exercise, too, please. This war requires maximum physical health.

* I keep getting invited to be a guest on these bootleg talk shows. The invitations are creepy, and the hosts over-sell them as the most important arts show or whatever in the world. Then I look at these websites for these people and they're straight out of 1997 web design. One wanted me for a Judy Garland thing, and the other to talk about the TV show The Prisoner. I just won't engage anymore unless there's money and/or something for me, whatever form that might take. I'm not doing anything to do it.

* Carry the run of play, but also be adaptable, and let the game come to you. Adjust and explode--and explode into--as warranted.

* A few sports thoughts: Chris Sale might be the most annoying Red Sox player of my lifetime. The Sox can't beat anyone in the AL East. Devers is the guy to keep. He's better than Betts. Or I think his career will look better in the end. Stanley Morgan--who was named a semifinalist for the football Hall of Fame--deserves to go in. He was a great receiver and he didn't exactly have studs throwing the ball to him in Grogan and Eason. Morgan remains the Patriots' all-time leader in rushing yards, and that's after the Brady era, and the era of huge offensive numbers. A truly impressive stat. He averaged almost twenty yards a catch.

* I'm watching Big Timber. I like it. These guys have skills that I don't have, could never have. The ability to fix things like they do. Fix equipment, machinery, and boats, I mean. I'm in awe of people who can do those things.

* There's a decent chance I will add the Monk piece as one of two final additions along with the 'Round Midnight piece to The Root of the Chord: Writings on Jazz's Essential Power and Artistry.

* You look at these weeks and it's nuts. "Caves and Waterfalls," that novel work, posts on here, radio brilliance re: Brackets, an all-timer story like "So Ugly." It's every week. Every month. Every year.


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