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Santa Claus's checkered past

Monday 10/5/20

C: Has trick-or-treating been cancelled there?

K: It has not been cancelled yet but we'll see how cases are looking by the end of Oct.

K: I'm hoping we can just get a group of houses from our friend group to participate and each house will leave a bag of little goodies outside for the kids to pick up

C: That's a good idea. Has an Easter/Christmas element too

K: You're right it does

K: Lilah was worried over the summer that Christmas would be cancelled this year, and I was like NO ONE can cancel Christmas!

K: Santa prevails

C: Well, there was that time in The Year Without a Santa Clause when he bailed on Christmas and went back to bed

C: And that other time ten years prior when he cancelled Christmas but Rudolph saved things

K: Haha I guess I spoke too soon

C: And in 'Twas the Night Before Christmas--my favorite Rankin/Bass special--he tries to snub a whole town because he was offended by a letter. Santa has this Old Testament, dickish vibe to him sometimes. But it'll probably be fine.


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