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Served cold

Tuesday 11/21/23

Yesterday afternoon, my niece Amelia was over my mom's because her brother had been there the day before, so she decided she'd go the next day. She believes that most things are up to her. My mom texted me, "Amelia wants to FaceTime, will you call us?" so I did.

I talked to this strange little person--good strange, but strange all the same--as I usually do, and then she announced that she was done.

The way this usually works is she takes her leave very abruptly and in unceremonious, business-like fashion. You get a "bye," perhaps a wave, and then she hits that red button and that's it. It happens very fast.

I said, "But we're buddies. You said we were buddies. What's going on here, buddy?"

She thought for a second, but I knew she was going to hang up momentarily, so I beat her to it.

I was having a hot chocolate at the Starbucks, where I remained, because I had a reasonable expectation of what would happen next.

A minute goes by, the FaceTime thing rings, I answer, and there's Amelia, her face taking up 90% of the screen.

"Hey there," I said. "What's up?"

"Hi buddy," she replied. "What are you doing?"

I said, "I think I know what you're going to do."

At which point she laughed, and hit the red button and hung up.

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