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Short long walk to Castle Island

Saturday 5/1/21

I made the long walk to Castle Island, where Fort Independence is located. Castle Island is in the deepest part of South Boston. One notices that a certain spirit of lawlessness pervades South Boston; or, if not lawlessness, let us call it individuality. Mask decrees would have fared less well here, for instance. My father took me to Castle Island on the Fourth of July, to watch the turnaround of the USS Constitution. The ship--a frigate built in 1797--fought in various crucial naval battles. It's turned around annually so that the ship--which is still technically commissioned--may weather equally on each side. I have an uncle who used to bike to Castle Island, and told me many years ago that one could not walk there--it's too far. But for me, it's not a long, long walk--rather, a short long walk. It was while stationed at Fort Independence that Edgar Allan Poe came up with the idea for "The Cask of Amontillado."

Standing on a bridge fairly early on in the walk.


This nearby bandstand reminds me of the one in Yellow Submarine. I like to imagine the Pepperland band playing, and the Blue Meanies advancing.

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