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Snatches from a dating site

Monday 9/27/21

I call this, "snatches from a dating site." (That's not a pun.)

"I'm looking for someone to compliment my life."

Not one of these dumbasses is aware that the word "complement" exists. Sometimes I wonder how many people are aware of it. One out of a thousand? If you were to say to one of these fine people, as politely as you could muster, that what they are actually saying is "I'm looking for someone to praise my life," they would get angry--even violent in their expression--and tell you you were wrong. If you were to say that what they really mean is the word "complement," which means to augment, they would also tell you you were wrong, and they would not know what the word augment meant.

The thing I have noticed, in this narcissistic hell-space that is the world at the present, where there is no achievement and everything is one large performance trophy, where the most mediocre--which is now a thing--are the most readily platformed, and ability, talent, effort, productivity, knowledge, and expertise are simultaneously despised, feared, envied, suppressed, is that the number one thing people brag about is how simple they are. Which is like a figure skater bragging about how they can't skate. Or a quarterback bragging that he can't throw. Or a fireman bragging that he can't extinguish a match. Life is complicated. The mysteries and meanings of life are complicated. The human brain is complicated. The heart, the soul. The human condition. But nah. They've defeated all of that. Numbed themselves into mindlessness. Blocked off all of the richness of life. Walled it away. Eradicated it with self-medication, denial, mental illness, thinking likes from fellow idiots and broken people on social media constitutes friendship, community, and interest, an absence of any standards or bare minimums of what they expect from themselves. Any curiosity. Passion. Courage. Character. "I am very simple." Go get 'em, superstar.

People are sufficiently stupid and slothful, and devoid of the most basic language and social skills, that dating sites now pick the "handles" for these people--their profile names/monikers--and write their actual messages to other dumbasses, so that no dumbass has to create a single word of their own, let alone anything thoughtful. Or in a complete sentence. So, one will see many women whose profile handle is Covertlynerdy or Covertlyplayful or Covertlygeeky.

Not one of said dumbasses will know what the word "covert" means, and they certainly couldn't use it as an adverb. But there you will see it, ten Covertly such and suck profiles every time you log on.

Further, when one goes to write a dumbass, one is offered the choice of something pre-generated to go in the text field. And it's even pre-written in dumbass language. "hows ur Saturday," for example. And you know what? The day is never even correct. "how ru on this fine friday" is another, which you'll see on Saturday morning. The "fine friday" part is meant to sound smart. It's what a dumbass thinks sounds poetic and deep.


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