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Sports Ball Thoughts 5.

1. Mike Scioscia is stepping down after nineteen seasons. He should have left years ago.

2. Chris Sale is a bust in Boston. He gets hurt every year, and he gives you like a dozen wins. Whoo-hoo. I expect him to do little in the playoffs.

3. The Red Sox will go as far as their offense can carry them. They might be swept in the first round. Don't count on Sale. If they go down 0-1, you then have the worst playoff performer in the history of North American professional sports in David Price in a near must-win for Game 2. That is not going to work. The offense is going to have to win at least one of those games with an 8 or 10 spot.

4. The Yankees hit home runs and win, or they don't and they lose. Pretty simple.

5. Tom Brady does not look good. Do not be fooled by today's score. There is real slippage occurring. He is turning over the ball a lot, his completion percentage, even today, was not good, and there is less zip on his ball.

6. Football bores me. It is not a thinking person's sport. It is the sport version of staring at your phone.

7. There is little to no mention of the Boston Bruins here in town. You would not even know they open the season this week.

8. Why even mention how many strikeouts a pitcher has? Batters strike out more than ever, they couldn't care less about striking out, and yet we talk about how amazing a pitcher's strikeout totals are than ever before. Who cares how the out is recorded? If you record eighteen outs--which is the most any starter does now--and nine are by strikeout, should you get a super-duper extra lower ERA than if the outs, with the same number of runs given up, came via ground outs to second? Who fucking cares? It's probably harder to get a guy to ground out to second these days than to strike him out anyway.

9. Seventy years ago there was almost a Boston v. Boston World Series. I don't think many Bostonians know that this was once a two-team town.

10. This is Big Bill Broonzy equating music with baseball in "Hit the Right Lick." It's awesome. And he is correct. Dig that piano.

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