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Wednesday 4/10/19

The late winter and early spring has been such a productive time that I will have to update the Roster Sheet and Stats entry that I do periodically on here detailing the stories, books, and pieces I have available for magazines, publishers, and production companies, and also the new works I am presently working on. This afternoon I got the News tab up to date, and also overhauled the mini-bio that greets visitors on the home page. I proofed all of Meatheads Say the Realest Things: Satire from the End of Civilization. It takes about three hours to read, which is what I wanted. Maybe less if you're fast.

There was not a lot for me to do. As I wrote it last week, I knew I was getting everything correct and was not leaving anything for later. Started proofing three Daily Beast pieces, so another 6000 words, then went for a coffee at the Starbucks halfway through the second one. Turns out my hair is not that bad. It's just pretty short. But I look okay. Short hair is much more comfortable. I may get it cut this way going forward, depending upon how it grows in. Emma was taking Benny--the puggle--to the adjacent dog park while I was having my coffee, so she texted and I joined them, then she wanted to show me her room when we got back to the building, which she has given a big build up, so I saw that. Vinyl--a Nirvana record--a keyboard, lots of art supplies, lots of books, lot of her art work. She has a copy of Frank Norris's McTeague. I asked her how she knew about this book and she said it was on sale at the library for $1 and it looked interesting. Then I came back to this death trap and proofed the other piece and a half, and now those are filed. One should run next week, another on Easter, then the third on May 1. Two other Daily Beast essays are finished, but I did not want to deluge my editor. I'll hang on to them for a little bit. Plus, another, on the novel version of Detour, which became the 1944 film, is waiting to run. So, six. Other ideas had been pitched, but I am not certain at the moment if anything became of them.

The NHL playoffs start tonight. The first round is the best because there are so many games and they are on from 7 to like 1 in the morning or later depending upon OT. I might write an essay on how there is so little personality in professional sports these days by examining the life and career of someone like Sprague Cleghorn--no, I did not make up that name--who was an insane hockey player 100 years ago and eventual Hall of Famer. I didn't compose today. I'll compose tomorrow. I did count up my radio appearances while tweaking the site--it's going to take a long time to get the rest of the links up with the other tabs--and I learned that I've made over 100 appearances. The crazy thing though is the range of the segments. When I have time I will have to find a way to convert everything to MP3 because there is no reason if I get where I am going that collections of this audio could not be made and sold. I always view radio as art to be made. Not just chitchat pitter patter. Also, I saw the Red Sox are six games out. Yikes. It's hard to be six games out on April 10. They are now in a problem zone already. It can take two months to make up six games. They can lose the entire season right now, if they don't get it going in the other direction pronto. And this is not important at all, but I wonder if anyone else finds it strange that the Patriots are part of the Red Sox' championship ceremonies? Makes no sense to me. I find it kind of pathetic as well. You're the Red Sox. Just be the Red Sox on your day that is about your achievement.

Had a quick conversation with a friend today and asked them what they thought about me not bringing anything around right now on account of how it is essentially a fait accompli of how it is going to go, and perhaps I should wait until people are coming to me, or I know when the deal I want is waiting where I want it to be had. They didn't think this was a good idea, saying instead that any single one of these works could be the work that makes everything change. I, of course, feel so good about "Pillow Drift," Cheer Pack: Stories, "chickchick," and Meatheads Say the Realest Things and know them, purely, totally, truthfully, for exactly what they are and can do, how they would go over with the masses and intellectuals alike, but that's not really the point. But my friend knows this, so it's not like we were debating this. Anyway. I'm tired.


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