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Thursday 2/17/22

Watched the video of Matthew Stafford at the Rams' Super Bowl celebration in which the woman photographer falls off of the stage onto her back. It's disturbing. You don't see her hit the ground, but you do see Stafford see this, laugh, sort of throw up his arms as if to say, "not my deal," and turn his back, walk away, as he takes a sip of his water, all nonchalant. Stafford's wife behaves like a human being and moves towards the front of the stage to check on the woman.

To any sane person--how many of us are left?--this is obviously disturbing. What is as disturbing--more, I'd say--are all of the people on social media defending this. "What did you want him to do, he's not a doctor." This is not the point. The point is that when you see another human being injure themselves, if you are a human being, you naturally show concern. This does not mean you can immediately patch them up or you should try. It means you are a human being. You have concern for others around you, especially when it's as obvious as can be that you should. I just saw thousands of defenses of this. And I think, "Are you seriously that dumb?" That's one question that occurs to me. Another is, "Are you just evil? Does this get you hard? Are you some kind of troll who gets off on being purposefully obtuse?"

It's a chilling snippet of video. Other people were like, "He was drunk, you don't want a drunk person tending to someone medically." They don't write like that. You know what I mean. I have a hard time replicating how these sub-humans write unless I'm really trying. Are people now so stupid that they don't understand there's a difference between leaping from a stage to administer medical help and not laughing, shrugging, saying "not my bad," and walking away, without a damn care in the world after someone falls like that? Can we not tell the difference between those two things anymore? I don't think we can.

God I hate this world we live in now. It's such a cesspool. Do we deserve to even continue on? Why? We're horrible. We're just so horrible.


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