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Stair workout curtailed

Saturday 1/29/22

Ran 1600 stairs today. Why the weird number? Because I had Boston security called on me. I was out on the Government Center stairs, alone, minding my business, when after a while--and after eight o'clock, because why start work early?--a crew of no less than ten people came out to shovel the stairs. The stairs are in large part covered by the overhang of City Hall. There was a very light dusting. To shovel these stairs--you could do it with a broom--would take one person five minutes. All of these ten people are either woefully out of shape, or straight-out obese. I know what they're doing, because I've seen them do this multiple times, and really you need to observe them for all of ten seconds to understand their grift. Ten people take a one-person five minute job and stretch it into two hours of work. They are on their phones. Horsing around. They are as likely to not even have their shovels in their hands as they are to be holding them. They're ripping off the taxpayers right in front of your face.

This woman starts yelling at me. A woman I had not seen so much as move in five minutes. She kept saying "Sir, you're disturbing my crew." Over and over again--her crew. This chicken nugget-shaped creature who wasn't doing a lick of work. I ignored her and was nowhere near any of these people. Then this guy who has to be 330 pounds easy, starts yelling at me. Out of the ten, there's none lazier than this dude. He also complains about how he'll be feeling this tomorrow. Isn't this your job, Tonka? Not near him either. I ignore him, get back to the top, and now the nugget comes at me brandishing the shovel like a weapon. I laugh, and suggest that maybe if they brought out ten more employees, they could rip people off more by stretching it into a four-hour job. On the way back down, Tonka tries to put himself between me and the bottom. By now, security has been called, and I suggested to all, with some parting advice, that it would be in their better interests to focus on heart health and imminent heart attacks.

"Hope someone here knows CPR, you lazy ass crooks." And with that, the C-Dawg took his leave.

Anyway. Back to work.


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