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Stairs, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Wind in the Willows, tea, Alan Page, video games

Sunday 1/28/24

Ran 5000 stairs in the rain, then the sleet, then the wet snow. The weather progression. Can't say that was a good time. But it is for my work.

Did 200 push-ups as well. Today marks 2758 days, or 394 weeks, without a drink. There have been over 100 entries in this journal over the last month.

Listened to Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations, Room on Fire, some tracks from the Libertines' upcoming LP, Joy Division's November 1979 Peel session, and Echo and the Bunnymen's November 1980 Peel session. That version of "All My Colours." Watched a couple episodes from the third season of The Wind in the Willows. Does one good.

Lots of tea: cranberry pomegranate, autumn harvest blend, green, hibiscus. And plenty of strong black coffee. I try not to use the heat and wear a fleece inside and if one were to reach in my pockets, chances are they'd find a bunch of wadded up tea wrappers.

I feel like San Francisco and Kansas City will advance today, but who knows.

Great stat: Alan Page has blocked the most kicks in NFL history: twenty-six field goals and one punt. That is a huge total number (I've also seen where he's credited for twenty-eight total blocks). I'll have more on Page later. He's one of the top defensive players of all-time. He's not far off from being one of the top ten players, period.

I mentioned video games yesterday in that post about when I was a boy. I'm not a "gamer." What I would do, in a different and better situation than this one, and not in this place, is play a hockey-related video game while listening to music. I'd enjoy that. That's for later, though.

Games I have liked, including computer games: King's Quest (obviously), Oregon Trail, Blades of Steel, Tecmo Bowl, RBI Baseball, Pitfall, NHL 94. I think that's pretty much it. I'd still play King's Quest. Appealed to my imagination. Pitfall did too, actually. And Oregon Trail. The interest in the sports games is pretty self-explanatory.

I liked to be Elway or Marino in Tecmo Bowl, as they're two of my favorite players. And Chris Doleman. Such an exciting player on defense. In NHL 94 it was Doug Gilmour.


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