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Still at it, huh?

Thursday 9/8/22

Friend called me this morning, gave me a little pep talk with some good advice. Then they went to work where they didn't have service, so they couldn't see what I sent them during the day. We finally spoke again around half past seven, and my friend, who was hearing all at once about everything during that conversation, said, "Good God. When you have a day you have a day."

Here's that op-ed on royalty in the New York Daily News.

I did go back out and run another 1000 stairs.

I watched the Robert Ryan film Inferno. Decent. Robert Ryan is always worth seeing, though.

Phoned my uncle, who is one of the people I have the most respect for morally. I've always admired him and looked up to him for the person he is. My mother's older brother.

I need to do these Miles Davis and Billie Holiday features. Pitched something on Clifford Brown. Didn't go anywhere.

Guy walking past me on the stairs today said, "Still at it, huh? You have four months under your belt now." People are that way. If they see you doing something, they'll assume that that's the first time you've done it. That you didn't do it before then. That's not how everyone thinks. But it's quite common. Says a lot about a person, too.

Someone asked me about the push-ups. How they get done. It's not very exciting. More methodical than anything. I've never done more than thirty push-ups consecutively. Usually I do sets of twenty. When I did the thousand the other day, that was maybe two sets of thirty, many of twenty--the most--and then quite a few of ten. Today, when I did 100 push-ups--and that's a normal day--I went out into the hall and I did thirty. I'm on the third floor. So I walk downstairs to head out to run stairs, and before I leave, I do ten more on the ground level. So that's a quick forty. I walk a couple blocks out of the North End where there's some grass, and I stop and do twenty more there. It's easier on grass. On your wrists. In five minutes or so I've done sixty. Pretty easy, right? And like I said, it's not very exciting. A lot of drudgery doing big amounts. You have to stick with it and keep doing it. But it's not like I do these amazing sets of 100 at a time. They also asked where I do them. It can be anywhere. I'll drop at Faneuil Hall and do them. You're simply trying to get them to add up if you're doing a lot. I'll be reading at the Starbucks, and leave my drink and my book and go outside and do them. But grass really is a help. Your hands sink a little into the earth, and there's just more give for the wrists.

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