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Story description in texts

Friday 10/7/22

C: I wrote a story about a guy whose college roommate was always trying to suck his own dick. It needs work.

C: It's getting better.

C: It's good now. But still not done.

C: The entire story is about this guy describing his old roommate who tried to suck his own dick, which he could do in high school.

C: Roommate says that he didn't just get the tip in and he "powered through the pre-cum" to "get the full load."

C: 2000 words.

C: The story features: 17th century English composer Henry Purcell, George Patton, a music teacher, the elderly, a high school bully, a former friend, an ex-wife, an old dog, meatball subs, Glade air freshener, and the Mayans. It sounds like I've described something bawdy but it is a story that will make a person cry. I don't know how I'm doing this. Even when I had full confidence in my abilities, I never knew I could do this. That I could make work like this. That some day I'd be here or that here existed. That I could make the envelope go so far. It's called "Powering Through." I'm still not done. I need to spend time with it.

C: "Also: We had this beautiful music teacher. One of those beautiful souls in a beautiful body. Entirely too good for us, in my view. I wondered what had happened to her that she had to take this job. She wanted to share music because she believed it could transform your soul, and if she could connect you with that music, that's all she wanted in life. That's what I mean by a beautiful soul. But God she was gorgeous, too. A slip of a human meant to pass between the cracks of doors just when you thought all of the goodness in life was locked out."


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