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street fighting man

Monday 4/15/19

C: Coming home last night, a guy told me to go fuck myself

C: I stopped and turned around

C: And he said, "Yeah, I said that"

E: was he drunk

C: Drunk or high

E: i don't know if this is a laughing moment

C: Me neither

E: now it is

C: He was with two women. Said he was a homeless vet.

C: 5'9". Pudgy. Hair shorter than mine.

E: welp, at least he was ugly

C: But he had the two women.

E: what did they look like?

C: Coke-y

C: But maybe cute with no coke?

E: are you okay?

C: I didn't go back. I thought, "You don't want to go to jail, it's already been a long day." Then I felt kind of bad for him. To be standing on street corners basically begging for people to beat you up? Life must be hard for him. Or maybe it's not and he's just a nasty little dick. I hadn't eaten in thirty hours and I had to grab something and get to bed so I just kept walking.

C: Then again, probably at least one of his women would have been the spoils of victory.

C. Muy tastito!

E: what did you eat?

C: Cucumber, kale, a little pasta, garlic bread stick.

C: Then went to bed at 2

E: i went to bed at ten and I wouldn't have if i started to put music on...i'm glad i made a responsible decision

C: You would have had a dance party

E: i know

E: i can't control it anymore

E: one of my knees is completely swollen

C: Because you slide around?

E: yes

E: i do all sorts of things

C: You're like James Brown.

E: wow, thanks


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