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Text exchange about publishing

Tuesday 11/21/23

J: Hey are you out running stairs?

C: Yeah.

J: What time did you start work today

C: 2:15.

J: Jesus

J: I got up at 530 to read "Bob." I finished it then I read it again and I'm going to read it again in a little bit. It's almost impossible for a mortal person to even and try and say how good it is. Stand alone. Life changing.

J: And nothing back from the email you sent

C: No. I sent it to One Story three or four weeks ago, too.

J: You have nothing to worry about with anyone with this

C: What?

J: Not saying you do with others

J: There's nothing like this and there never was

J: So if they ignore you it's fucked

J: Its so obvious what is happening. It pisses me off. Because it's the most blatant thing ever. It's like if God came down with a bottomless container of water for everyone when there was nothing to drink in the world and they won't let anyone have a mouthful. These people are doing you so dirty. They are doing the world dirty.

C: We know that. It isn't new.

J: It's like a world event they're not letting happen. When they take this course with you, because they hate you so much, because they're that sick, they are negatively impacting the world.

C: There is nothing new here.

J: I know. But I've just read this story today...and it's like I can't even imagine that something can be this great. As art, as entertainment. As being alive. I know you don't like doing this but you need to do what you need to do on that blog. And you need to keep doing it until this shit stops.

C: I know. I just hate doing it.


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