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Tuesday 12/13/22

C: I wrote a 1600 word story this morning called "Acorn Man"

C: It's told by an adult who describes how he wanted to make comic books when he was a kid but he couldn't draw very well

C: All he could do were simple shapes

C: So he invented Acorn Man--this acorn with a cape

C: His super power was that he could kind of see into the future and see what problems might be coming

C: Because of what people do in the present

C: So what Acorn Man does is go around and tell people that bad things are going to happen unless they make changes

C: Which of course no one wants to hear

C: Later, Acorn Man follows up. In the first few issues, he's kind of a dick. He gloats. Says I told you so

C: So there's this one guy who ignores Acorn Man

C: He's cocky, combative, alienates everyone in his life

C: He has a financial crisis and his skills are outmoded. He's lost his friends and family. And tho he's in his fifties, he has to get a roommate and the roommate is half his age

C: He has the smaller room, by far, which is something he checks on every day when he's home alone

C: He hates going to the refrigerator because his roommate is often in the common room and wants to talk about politics and shows on streaming services

C: Or, worse, the roommate has a hot woman over on a date and the man knows she's going to talk about him after he leaves

C: So he stashes Wheat Thins and Saltines in his room

C: He looks up how long it takes someone to die without eating and is depressed by the length

C: He has nowhere to sit but the bed

C: He chews as quietly as possible because he doesn't want to be overheard and have the roommate and the hot date think that Saltines are his only pleasure in life

C: And then Acorn Man reappears, does his follow-up

C: Later we find out what what happened to the man who had the roommate and also what the narrator's parents thought of his comic book series

C: It's 2300 words now

C: 2900

C: Done


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