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Thanks for buddies

Tuesday 11/26/19

Thanksgiving note to a friend, one E. Perez. We joke about Benny the puggle being a doctor, because he was procured as an emotional support dog. And Emma thinks she is a dragon, for some reason.


Hey, buddy. I am not much of a Thanksgiving fan. Even in easier times—times when each single moment was not a pure distillation of hell, spread throughout every atom of my being—I wasn’t into the holiday. Save as the run-up to Christmas. There is, in many ways, not a lot I have to be thankful to date in my life. My genius feels far more like a curse than anything, at least thus far. That can all change later, and I hope it does, soon, and I hope I get back to Rockport, and you can visit me there, or we can get lunch when I come into the city for whatever, as my plan is to keep this apartment, gut it, straighten it out, have it be an urban office. But. Leaving all of that aside. I can honestly say, sans any reservation, that I am so, so, so grateful for you. We are neighbors, family, mentor and mentee, but I think more than anything, even as I make sure I do everything I can, with the knowledge that I have, to help you in your development, I consider us friends. And I don’t think there is a friendship in the world like ours, probably. Sometimes we don’t take the time to say, “I am grateful for you, I give thanks for your presence in my life.” Make sure you do that. Do it with your dad, your grandparents, your mom, your friends, even Doctor Benny. You are a person of a great and pure heart, Emma. But sometimes, we have to remind ourselves to make sure that that heart, and the feelings behind it, the goodness behind it, are put into action, are given voice. It is one thing to be a good person, it’s another to be an actively good person. So, in that spirit, I just wanted to make sure I told you this, on what is our first Thanksgiving as friends. There is a story here, too, which I printed out for you, called “Predict the Weather,” that I think you will like. I love you, you strange and wonderful little dragon. Colin


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