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The drill

Wednesday 2/7/24

Nothing too notable here. Bookkeeping stuff.

Every now and again its seems worthwhile to say a quick something about the notifications for this site, because they don't really work right.

A record like this one isn't isn't supposed to be as prolific as it is, and the site can only send out so many notifications, I guess, in, say, a month. There are more than 130 new entries since December 28, and the way this has worked out is that since beginning this journal in June 2018, I've written more of my proper work than at any time previously. There may or may not be a lesson in there.

But the drill remains the same: there's usually new content here. And that's the salient thing anyway. I'm not other writers and this isn't like any other record. I think once I went nine days without putting up anything, but a single day without anything is pretty rare. Chances are if one takes a swing by, there'll be something, more than whenever that last visit was, even if it was the night before.

At some point--I don't follow any of this too closely--the notifications kick back in, they start going out, and then they stop again for the same reasons. They're not very reliable. If one goes three entries without opening one of those emailed notifications, that person is automatically unsubscribed. So while one is asleep, it's possible that a bunch of things went up, and that person was removed from the list. I have nothing to do with that and I don't expend energy looking into these things or monitoring them because that's just how it is and the drill is the drill.

This is already the longest continuous work of literature ever, so I'd like to think what's happening here, in terms pretty much self-explanatory at this point. It ain't no half-hearted Substack with three predictable posts a month. And if one needs to be reminded that there's something new here...I probably wouldn't be the person for that person anyway.

I was going to say that I feel like that guy at the start of The Outer Limits saying that "we"--they--control the horizontal and the vertical, but actually I don't control this notification thing, so that would be a hollow boast, wouldn't it? Whereas that guy backs up his words by showing you just what he's--they're--controlling on your TV screen. Or what was your grandparents' television set. Or your great grandparents', depending on your age.


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