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The green beast

Tuesday 9/14/21

There may be nothing that is harder to overcome in this world than envy. I live it. What fosters more jealousy than anything else? Legitimacy. The more legitimate someone is, in what they do--and in the things they do--the more envy there will be. The envy will not merely be reserved to peers, enemies, competitors, trolls, sociopaths, manic obsessives. It will extend into all camps, including those comprised of people who are not in direct opposition to what that other person may achieve. They're not in conscious opposition, though rather a different kind. Because they, too, are threatened. They don't want harm to befall. Which is a primary difference.

This is a text exchange today, pertaining to a post I made on Twitter, about an op-ed about the NFL, race, a popular book series--so a pretty big confluence of three things--in a newspaper with one of the ten highest circulations in the United States.

C: Look at this. Zero likes.

L: Op-ed is fucking great. Congratulations on that.

L: Zero likes is insanity

C: Do you understand how disturbing that is?

L: Yes

C: Do you understand the amount of envy there has to be for that?

L: It's why I said insanity

C: That's envy among people who "like" me as well

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