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The Jemele Hill challenge, etc.

Friday 9/9/22

* How can you not understand that one of the biggest issues in this country--a country gone mad--is the manufacture of synthetic racism where no real racism exists for reasons of profit, platforming, attention, narcissism, content creation, book deals, media jobs, being a horrible person while getting away with it, and trying to fill the void within where there is no soul? I don't see what is more basic or clear than this.

* Epic challenge: Be more repugnant as a human being than Jemele Hill. Alternate epic challenge: Try to have less talent.

* Duke. What a place.

* Go to Google and type in "Duke Turtleboy" and view that content from a week and a half ago and the screenshots of the godmother who was so obviously behind much of this. Those are some screenshots, huh? Not too hard to see who the racist is, right? It was so obvious what happened in Utah, but he walks you right through it.

* It always astounds me how people live with themselves from a practical standpoint. Outsized mental issues help, I believe. If I so much as cut a corner in my life, it eats away at me. I have to redress it. I don't cut many corners. If I were to perpetuate the acts of evil that so many people--most--perpetuate, I don't know how I could live. I actually don't know how I could do it. My self-esteem would be destroyed. I'd be haunted by guilt. I'd have so much self-loathing. I'd be tormented. I'd feel like a failure. So how do you do this? I think, in part, your mind has to be gone. You've destroyed it. You have to make it so that your brain doesn't work as an informing instrument. You need to have pared back your humanity so that you're barely human. What is interesting is that that's a lot easier than it sounds, and can be achieved in not much time. Once, I wouldn't have thought so, maybe. But I do see it now. I see millions of examples.

* I don't believe people realize how dire the situation of the world is right now. Evil and mental illness is the norm. Far and away. There's no sanity. People can't think. They can't communicate. They can't recognize the most basic things. They don't know how to be decent. They're cowards. There are no individuals. No people for others. When something becomes the status quo, it gets normalized by almost everyone. If the sky were replaced by clouds of sulphur, they'd be normalized. It becomes harder and harder to see it for how wrong it is. Because it's just there. Always present. We adapt--increasingly by devolving--to that which is always present. Like I said, it gets normalized. So then the few sane and decent people left really have so few people with whom to speak or bond. Those people scale everything back and they become far less than they could have been or ought to be. It's just easier to live less and be less alive and grow less. They settle. They stop early. Holding on to what is decent, retaining your ability to see, being an individual and person for others then becomes a Herculean blend of tasks, for which one can pay a stiff price. But what is the alternative? So is that person then doomed to a miserable life? How does the problem get solved? Only with change.

* The educational system has completely failed this country. People don't have the language skills of a toad. They are incapable of thinking critically. They know nothing about any subject, no matter how basic the subject. And yet, they're conditioned to speak out in the same exact phrases as everyone else in this mindless shouting match to attest that their voice counts as much as possible. There's nothing and no one to say it doesn't, because no one knows anything and there are no standards, there's no accountability. What you say need not be true. It's better if it's not. If you are completely wrong and are proven to be so, there is no need to change anything. Leave it there. Stick to it. We can read something and understand it fully, if it's the rare piece that's written well enough, but then turn around and deliberately pretend we didn't understand it and understood it as something else so that we can be a vicious asshole, but also a harmless vicious asshole, because we're not smart enough to be anything of any real consequence. It's like lying to yourself and wanting to show that you're even more stupid than you are, just so you can be a dick. Again, I don't know you live life like that. What are the voices in the head like in this situation? Because they are there. Conscience is a kind of voice. What is it saying? That it hates you and that you should hate you? Yes, I think that's what it is saying. And people do hate themselves. The person who hates themselves tries to get out from under that burden of hate by hating others. Hate is mass, in a way. What that person wants to do is move the mass from the inside to the outside, to achieve relief. But reality doesn't work in this fashion, and the attempt only creates more internal hate, which causes a redoubling of efforts to get that hate to the outside. Who will that person fear and hate the most? The truly virtuous. The person who is not like them. The possessor of good qualities. The person who works hard, who knows, who has vision, purpose, standards. And also multiple motors--one of decency, with a drive to be actually good, and the motor of a well-lived life with much to be done, and achieved, and a drive to fructify in all of the important areas. To enhance lives. Who is like them? Most people. Carrion feeding upon carrion. See how it goes round and round? It's like the wheel of a bike. A dysfunctional, warped wheel. Round and round, faster and faster. What has to happen is for a pencil, a stick, a finger, to be stuck between those spokes and stop that spinning. Because right now we just see the blur, and we don't process parts of a blur. We just get hypnotized into the non-thinking state, the vegetative state. The stick has never been more necessary.


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