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The new good guy

Tuesday 6/29/21

Saw yesterday that David Pastrnak's newly born son had died. Looked at Twitter and watched as people tried to turn this into personal clout. Awful comments and posts, which, of course, were liked by many people. "I hate the Bruins but this kind of gets me. Keep your head up, Pasta."

Sick, disturbing.

Then I came back and looked at some of these comments later, and the person who made them had acquired 1500 new followers, and was bragging about how twelve NHL clubs--"so far"--retweeted their tweet.

"I want to give a shout out to the Blues, the Isles, and the Ducks, for the retweet. You guys get it. I'm fans of yours now. Class."

What a twisted world this is. The above is the new good guy.

And I'm so tired, too, that you have to make excuses for everyone--"they don't have your education level"--or else you're a bad person.

Stop being human trash. Stop being lazy, stop being a moron. Stop acting wholly inappropriately. Get some social skills, some language skills. Try. Try to learn something, try not to act like a toxic, narcissistic monster, try to master the rudiments of first grade grammar, stop making excuses for every damn thing in your life. Read a book, stop being this wretched slug intellectually, mentally, physically, morally.

And stop telling yourself you're special. You're not. Chances are. Go out and be special. Earn it.

Why must we cut so many excuses for people? Just because almost everyone is a lazy idiot? So we have to underwrite that with excuses? What kind of person do you have to be to take to social media to post about the death of a couple's child and preface those self-serving remarks by making a stipulation as to your fandom and using the word "hate"? I have to excuse that away?

We are so willing to just suck. In every way. So much so that sucking is the new preferred way. And if you aren't on board, you're the bad guy of the piece.

It's distressing--one is allowed to pile on. One is encouraged to pile on. Society dictates that we pile on.

But one is never encouraged to see what something, or someone, actually is, and then actually say what that is.

Be part of a pile, and never an actual person, seems to be the number one commandment of our world at present.

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