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The party at Amy's house

Friday 10/29/21

"We went to the park, and then we walked to Amy's house."

"I like the Grateful Dead's American Beauty better than I like their Workingman's Dead."

See how easy that is? Yea!

I swear, it's like being stabbed in the eyeballs a thousand times a day watching adults get then/than wrong on the internet. We are a society with the collective language skills less than that of the average second grader. How you express yourself says much about you. When I see someone say "u" for "you," it is impossible for me not to think they are complete trash. That they have no self-respect, and that they are lazy, but not even in a sensible way. They just strike me as gutter-y. To be hosed off.

If there were an alien race that was about to take us over, and make some changes, put some standards in place, I would pitch that alien race on some ideas. Presumably they'd have a more sophisticated version of email, but hopefully some access would be granted.

One idea would be that no adult was allowed out into the world, or near a phone, or a keyboard, if they had not mastered an extensive class in how "then" and "than" works. We shall save the great mysteries of "a" and "an" for another day, as knowing when to use the one or the other apparently requires a person to max out on their intellectual capabilities, or even find a way to exceed them.

What a gutter-y, trashy, low rent culture this is. Boobs and borderline illiterates, just slapping themselves out there. It's like you're Yoda now if you put an "an" before a word that starts with an "h."

When I think about God, I will often wonder what he was up to. Why would you want to make an entire planet of idiots?


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