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The ship

Monday 2/14/22

I need to get my head on right. I sent the plumber's check to the wrong address, which was the one listed online, rather than the one on the envelope, so now I've needlessly inconvenienced him. I have to tighten up the ship.

I didn't see any of the Super Bowl for the first time in my life probably. The night before I had worked until 2:30 and then was back at it at 5:30. I thought the Rams would win and I didn't really care. Saw this morning that more of the chatter was about the halftime show, which says a lot about this country. You'd have thought, coming to the news as I did, that the game was a 34-10 blowout. Watched the replay of Aaron Donald's big play. The Bengals were right there. Donald is the best defensive player since Lawrence Taylor, so the play seemed fitting.

Yesterday marked 2051 days, or 293 weeks, without a drink. On Friday I ran 5000 stairs, and did the same on Saturday, running them without stopping that time, which tied a personal best. Yesterday I ran 3000. It was snowing. I set out to run more, so was disappointed in myself. I could think, "it's snowing, there isn't hardly even anyone outside," which was true. Sometimes I've just started running stairs and have only gone up and down five times or so, and someone watching will comment on what a great job this is, as if anything is a great job. Someone may tell me that I am being a jerk here, that people just want to support other people, but I don't think that is true. I just think there are no standards, so anything at all is regarded as substantial. I think that's how people look at their own lives. That's why they boast about getting shots, voting, and staying home during COVID. These are not things, but people make them things, because they don't do or have things or live for things. But just anything doesn't help your body. I mean, I smile, and say thanks.

I came up with three new story ideas while writing this. I came up with two over the weekend when I also worked on EU and @mac_bethhh in my head. It will soon be time to get more formal with both.

Picture from Faneuil Hall yesterday:


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