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There Is No Doubt--assembly notes

Friday 11/12/21

Ten o'clock, Friday night, still working. This is subject to change, both in terms of stories and order. But here is what I am looking at at the moment, in terms of what will be in There Is No Doubt: Storied Humanness, and the order the works will appear in. I have about 500 available stories right now. That's obviously a lot of books, but I don't do books where I slap random stories together, just because I wrote them. They all have to go together. I need to finish "Up the Sea," but everything else here is done. Every story in this book is narrated by a female character and/or has a female character as the protagonist. "Transitionings" is a bit of an exception, in that it has multiple protagonists, but the emphasis, I'd say, is still largely female, especially with its overall shape and how it ends. Has this been done before by a male writer? If it has, it hasn't been done very often. These stories have all been written in the last three years. Less than that, actually. The title of the book comes from a line of dialogue in "Fitty." A lot of great works are going to be left out of this book. Not easy to decide on the stories. That just means those stories will go in other books. It's tempting when something is so good to put it in, but I must be disciplined. Every last one of these works is special. The best that I can do. So here is what we're looking at at the moment:



"Coffee Streaks"

"The Stopping"


"A Start and a Place"

"The Echo Blow"

"Up the Sea"

"Seedless Cherries"

"Fetch and Ferry"

"The Half Slip"

"Green Glass Door"

"Show Me Your Knees"

"Lucky Dogs"

"Girls of the Nimbus"

Mull: "A Listener's Story," "The Space of the Moment," "Pre" (when completed), "The Roll of Words"


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