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There's going to be a new Everything wrong with publishing section coming to the site

Saturday 2/3/24

Soon there's going to be a new component to the site that features the publishing people who have themselves been featured in the blog, in a clear, ordered, name-based section.

In that section, you'll see something that looks like

Mark Warren

Emily Nemens

Speer Morgan

Sigrid Rausing

John Freeman

J. Robert Lennon

Wren Graves

Sarah Gorham

and so forth, likely with short descriptions after a colon, with those names hyperlinked, and those names repeating as much as necessary (each individual blog about a given person rates an entry of their name in the new section, and the section will include the prose offs, too, as they implicate people). That link for each name will take readers to the relevant page on the blog in which that person is featured.

What some of these people have been doing after being exposed is enlisting services to get that information featuring the truth about them (or even anything connecting them with this site--remember our test series?--before it's so much as written; think about the implications of that for a second, and how guilty a person has to believe they are) and their actions scrubbed from or hidden as best as possible on Google. They don't do anything else because they can't do anything.

There is no more clearer admission of guilt than this. They're hoping that they can run and hide. You cannot run and hide.

The blog itself is over 2.9 million words long. One can, of course, use the search field to search for a name, but if you don't know someone's there to begin with--and new readers are coming in every day--you wouldn't do that now, would you? Plus, website search engines work less well when there are this many words and they do things like pick up words that are within words/names, and can thus pull up an overwhelming amount of results, which no one has time to go through.

But what people would do is go to a section of the site titled Everything wrong with publishing--or some such--and see that list of names and click on your name, if you're one of those people. And I think we'll put a link to that section at the top of the blog itself, where things will simply carry on as normal, so it can't be missed. Those readers will also know that these people mentioned in this section, with their names clearly displayed, were so guilty, and so aware of their own guilt, that they attempted to prevent anyone from seeing the truth. That's obviously not how an innocent person acts.

As I said, this was going to make it worse. Because once more people know about the attempted cover-ups--and now they will (and I'll spell it out)--the problem that is still the problem has this whole other component added to it.

The only thing one could do remains the only thing that one can do if they don't want this: Stop the discrimination. Make it right. Whatever that takes.

Your problem is not going to disappear because you want it to, or you throw money at it--a problem that you created. All I'm doing is not letting you get away with what you were doing.

My work is clearly what it is and there is nothing like it. As is my track record. There is no one like me able to do what I do and what I daily do. It's nothing I've done to people. Anyone with eyes can see what has been going on.

Which is plainly the concern here.


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