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This is what we're looking at presently for There Is No Doubt

Sunday 4/10/22

This is going to change. But right now, this is how I'm thinking the book, and in this order.



"Dead Thomas"

"Coffee Streaks"


"The Girl Who Couldn't Cry"

"The Stopping"

"Head to Give"

"A Start and a Place"

"The Everything"

"Certain Human Lips"

"The Echo Blow"

"Girls of the Nimbus"

That is a sick line-up. No one will ever be able to rival a book like that. Again, change will almost certainly come, but that's how these things work--it's a series of updates, until there are no more to make, and I'm pretty far along in that process now. Every story in There Is No Doubt, as I've noted many times, features a female narrator and/or protagonist. If a male author has previously done this, or done this recently, I am not aware of it. These works are my peak, the product of all of my ability and all of the decades of developing it. Working at writing eighteen hours a day, minimum, for twenty-five years. The plan is to have someone get what is happening here, allow themselves to experience this book as what it is, to understand what I am, and to also give them Longer on the Inside: Very Short Fictions of Infinitely Human Lives--which invents a whole new kind of literature--and make a splash by putting them out on the same day. To throw down the gauntlet of, "Holy shit--look at these two books. Look at what they are. And how on earth could the same person have written both of them? But he did." Take the splash route. Now, Longer on the Inside is going to take some effort. There is so much to go through, read again, no doubt tweak, and perhaps hardest of all, decide what will be in that book. It maybe no less than fifty works. Someone used the words to me, "epic in scope." I have to put the time in. Do the work. I've done the writing. What would happen if they come out on the same day? As it stands, nothing. That is the result of an entire industry working together to make sure that no coverage of one man's work is given. But there will come a time--I can't pinpoint it--when that "nothing" part is no longer true, or is made false because the right sets of eyes are caught, the right words are said, the Fleming cat gets out of the hell-lined bag, and we can't know when that will happen, or what will trigger it--it's just going to be how things all of a sudden are. And then the works, this art, this entertainment, this artist, this persona, this person unlike any other, this teller of truth, this leader, will have all the leverage. And even if the books did nothing, they will then start to do everything. Because they are there, they're available, and you can't stop the explosion that is happening.

I have a couple stories to do/finish that are There Is No Doubt possibilities, and several completed works to read and consider re: their possible inclusion. All on the short-list of the to-do list.

Okay. It's late morning. I want to run stairs and get to the museum today, so must hustle. Going to listen to the new Spoon album.


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